ONO: GIVE PEACE A CHANCE The International Remixes – OUT NOW on iTunes & Beatport

The final installment of ONO’s series of three digital-only, environmentally-friendly “green” remix singles on Mindtrain / Twisted Records.

Available February 18th 2009 (Yoko’s birthday!) from iTunes & Beatport.

The potent set includes electrifying reworks of the landmark world peace anthem which has been re-recorded by the tireless humanitarian as an uplifting poetic narrative resonating with a sense of urgency and optimism.

Speaking to today’s worldwide tumultuous political, social and environmental climate, ONO transforms the timeless rallying cry into a galvanizing and timely global message of hope, inspiration and limitless possibilities in a time of change.

The poignant and evocative collection features a diverse assemblage of, established and emerging, international dance/electronic music innovators such as CSS (BRAZIL), KARSH KALE (INDIA), TSZPUN (CHINA), KIMBAR (RUSSIA), DEATH IN VEGAS’ RICHARD FEARLESS (ENGLAND), DJ MEME (BRAZIL), BLOW UP (ITALY), ALEX SANTER (GREECE), and FINDO GASK(SCOTLAND).

  1. Blow-Up Popism Mix (5:00)
  2. Blow-Up ElectronoMix (6:44)
  3. KimbarVocal Mix (8:11)
  4. Kimbar DubMix (6:54)
  5. TszpunRemix (8:17)
  6. Tszpun DubMix (8:11)
  7. Alex SanterPeaceful Mix (6:11)
  8. DJ Meme ClubMix (9:54)
  9. Findo Gask Timefor Action Dub (5:56)
  10. CSSMix (4:12)
  11. RichardFearless Reach Out Mix (7:05)
  12. Karsh Kale Voices ofthe Tribal Massive Mix (5:55)